Monday, December 13, 2010


Christmas came early for me this year when DC decided to purchase, hang, and wrap a Jean ARP print I had been eyeing for months!  I can't decide if I like the execution or the product more.  


Work!  Some days I love my new job.  Lately, I've had a few of those days in a row so I think we will stay in Cincy a bit longer.  In the process of learning more about dish soap than I ever deemed possible, I'm learning quite a bit about marketing and that whole general management thing.  Last week, I spent all day every day at ABM College teaching me (and 40 of my peers from all over the world) how to do our jobs and how to think about what we are doing in the grander scheme of things.  It was a cool (exhausting but cool) experience.  We even had a group of folks from Google join the college and impart all their digital knowledge upon our tv-advertising-loving group. 
 Hanging out with the Old Spice guy after he showed up at an awards banquet
 A little Christmas tree love with Jess after a work dinner but before T.O.'s birthday party.  And by "T.O.'s birthday party" I really mean a random Monday night at the only place open in downtown Cincinnati.  They had a big banner but no wide receiver. 
My team at ABM College

Saturday, December 4, 2010


Thanksgiving #3 was basically "same song second verse" of #2.  Prime rib, photo shoots with the girls, and catching up with my mom's side of the family.   We snuck away for a bit to take a family photo with the Coles.  It's a rare chance to get all the Cartwright kids and cousins in one place at one time!

Doris and Buster
The spread
Silly face!
Spirit fingers!
Prayer (Ellie's pick)
The fam


Thanksgiving #2 was with the Cartusciello family and included the traditional massive amount of meat (ribs, this year) as well as lots of playing, wine, and reminiscing!
Early Christmas present - duck quackers!
These are about as obnoxious as they look.  Luckily, Tori broke 2 of the 3 and Kate wasn't that good at using hers!
 The men and the meat
 A couple of Aggies and a Bear
 Silly girls
Sugar High
Cartusciello Cousins and Granny


Thanksgiving #1started in Abilene with the Coles.  It's a family tradition to load up in the suburban and drive together getting there in time for lunch and leaving as the Cowboy game finishes up.  This year was a bit smaller than usual as some of the family moved to Spain but we were able to include them through the magic of Skype!  If the Cowboys had pulled out a win against the Saints, it would have been a perfect day! 
 A little Black Friday strategery
Caleb Cole Jett!
 Sleeping Pops


We spent a ton of time in Texas for Thanksgiving and thoroughly enjoyed spending time with family and friends.  One of our first stops was a long-time favorite that has finally made its way to the great city of Arlington -- Rudy's!!  We have made many a Rudy's stop with the Burks in Waco over the years so it was fun to pop in and introduce David's mom, Belinda, to the best barbeque baked potato in the world.  

Sunday, November 14, 2010


We had friends over on Friday night and, thus, a very tidy house on Saturday morning so, Mom and Miss, this post is for you!
Before - Living Room
After - Living Room
Before - Dining Room
After - Dining Room
Before - Bathroom
After - Bathroom
Before - Guest Room

After - Guest Room
Come visit!
Before - Master
After - Master
Before - Kitchen
After - Kitchen

Saturday, November 13, 2010


In celebration of the fact that our kitchen is no longer the size of a shoe box, DC and I have been cooking fun meals nearly every night during the week.  Combine that with the giant basket of Italian goodies that my mom and dad sent us for my birthday and we had a perfect evening of reliving our nights in Milan!