Saturday, April 30, 2011


We spent a long weekend in Tejas for "Spring Break" and had a wonderful time, as always.  My sister and her girls came up and we spent lots of time playing Barbies, fishing with Papa, and hanging out on the patio.  The main event was tea and an afternoon at American Girl with all the ladies and Dave Cole.  Our trip coincided with our friend Walter's trip to Texas from LA and a big dinner to introduce his lovely girlfriend Alexis to all of us.  It was so fun to meet her and to see all our friends together at one time.  I had to fly out at 5:00 am the following morning so I called it an early night after dinner but Dave Cole was able to represent and, from what I hear, it was one fun evening!  
 Miami Vice Ken and Peaches and Cream Barbie - my "vintage" Barbies
Hanging with Elle Belle
 Papa teaching Tori how to catch a fish
Dave and his little ladies
Tori's upside down smile
Gigi and the girls feeding the ducks
 The American Girl Extravaganza
 Tori and Aunt B
 Having tea!
 Waiting for the sugar rush to kick in, I'm sure!
 The Cartusciello Girls
 Walter and Lexi
The whole crew (horrible pic but lovely people!)
 $, DC, Jeff A
Me and the W