Saturday, September 17, 2011


My sister and Tasha threw David and I the most fantastic shower over Labor Day weekend in Texas.   We had it at my parents' house and were so blessed by all the people who made time to stop by, travel into town, and send gifts.  We couldn't have felt more loved and are so excited to travel back in the Spring to introduce baby to the Texas crowd!
23 weeks
Waiting for the guests to show up!
Antics on the stairs
Present time!
Marisa and Scott are passing the Beastie Boys love on!
Miss and DC
The giant frog toy holder from Casey and Damon was a huge hit with the kiddo crowd!  I had never experienced firsthand the present opening frenzy that occurs when 8 kids under 7 are involved.  They were super "helpful" and made it tons more fun for me!
The Great Grandmothers
Amanda and Jason sent baby's first dunny
Sugar cookies to celebrate the future Baylor Bear (and the not-so-shabby win over TCU the night before)!
Our fun canvas notes to match the one we got at our going away party three years ago
Caleb Cole
The gaggle of girls
Marisa and Scott win the prize for traveling the furthest - all the way from NYC! 
Nonna and Pops
The London Three
Belinda made these cute t-shirts for Baby Cole's cousins
Love this.  
They are all anxiously awaiting the arrival of the new baby!  The twins and Caleb will be four years older and Elle Belle will be seven years older.  Oh, the things Baby Cole is gonna learn from this crew!
Me and Skylar B
The Fromms in town from Houston
Me and Stella James
My sweet hostesses
Me and Kristin.  We have taken countless photos like this over the years!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Baby Cole - 23 weeks

In other new developments, David has started a pretty rocking rubber band ball and I am rocking third place in my first ever Fantasy Football League.  
Lots of exciting things going on  at our house!

Sunday, September 11, 2011


I've discovered that, no matter my age, every organization that I am a part of will hold an event that feels exactly like prom.  P&G is no different and has a huge awards ceremony annually celebrating the best internal advertisements.  This year Dawn and Gain were nominated for six awards and my manager, Dan, was up for Best Coach.  We decided to really play up the prom angle by outfitting our entire team in corsages and hosting pre and post-events complete with a late night bus to take everyone home.  While we only walked away with one win, I was personally thrilled to fit into a non-maternity cocktail dress, see all my friends from across the country, and stay out until midnight in heels, no less!  
 Dish Inc at Palomino before the awards ceremony
 Dan and Danny accepting the Gain award
Jess and I
Dish Inc


We spent a weekend in early August in upstate New York celebrating the wedding of Paula and Ankur for the second time!  They were officially married last summer but held a traditional Indian wedding in Rochester this summer and who are we to pass up a celebration??  We met up with three other couples (all of whom I had traveled to Chile with the summer before b-school) and took a day trip to Niagara Falls (for the obvious reason) and Buffalo (for the wings)!  In other news, introducing baby to spicy Indian food was apparently a good idea as the bump seemed to double in size from Thursday to Sunday.  I swear you couldn't tell I was pregnant when we arrived and by the time we left there were complete strangers rubbing my belly on the airplane!  
 Marisa and I at the Falls (American side)
 View of Canadian side
 Sporting our blue trash bags on Maid of the Mist
 Kristy and Nathan
 The whole gang (minus the bride and groom)
 Spicy buffalo wings in Buffalo
Post-meal pic at Duff's in Buffalo
 Raas Garba dancing
 Our kurtas
 Coles in Kurtas
 We were a colorful bunch!
The ceremony 
With Ankur and Paula.  She was one of the most beautiful brides I have ever seen! 
The instigator of my growth