Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I love, love, love Louisville, KY!  
Penguins on the Roof.  Why not?
 Cool hotel integrated with a modern art museum
Funky sculpture in the bar
 Louisville Slugger's Walk of Fame
 The Hotel's Mascot
 Fourth Street Live
 Interactive art
 We waaay overpacked
 Churchill Downs!
 The big winner (that never happened to be my pick!)
  Louisville Slugger Museum

Saturday, May 14, 2011


We have had a busy week full of work / preparing for work, trainings, and hosting our first house party but for some reason I can't stop thinking about the following: 
This Norman bel Geddes desk that we found at a little store in Cincinnati last weekend.  Granted, ours is sitting in the garage unsanded and polished but (with the help of Dave Cole) I have grand plans for it.
This series and the potential the Mavs have this year.  I don't know why they picked this year to shine over all the years we had season tickets but I'll take it just the same. 
These guys and the fact that I can listen to their album on repeat over and over and over again.  
Buying this house in Marfa, TX.  It sits on 25 acres smack dab next to the Rio Grande.  I find myself repeatedly daydreaming about sunshine, saltillo tile floors, and that view. 

Sunday, May 8, 2011


It has been a crazy ten days at our house!   Last week, David was busy preparing for his final round interview with P&G and I was busy trying not to constantly "help" David prepare for his final round interview with P&G!   

This job opportunity has been a long time coming and (in typical P&G style) was long and drawn out.  He applied for a Purchasing Manager position in October and finally had his first round interview in late March.  Six weeks after that was his final round interview and they told him it would take three weeks before he heard back.  Imagine our surprise when he got an email this past Monday that started with "Congratulations, David...".  I was actually on the phone with him at the time so I got to hear the gasp, the pause, the announcement, and then the incoherent muttering of details.   He is so, so happy and while we still don't have a start date or a location within Cincinnati, we are both thrilled with the opportunity.

This is even sweeter because it is the perfect answer to many, many prayers.  I'm always amazed when I get a real, tangible response from the Lord and this was no different.   For months, I had felt the Lord's response was to "wait" (not my first instinct) and to see how perfectly this all came together is such a testimony to the power of prayer and the absolutely flawless timing our God has.  So, while David is slightly reluctant to toss aside his flip flops and pick up a razor on a daily basis, he is overjoyed to get rid of his "house manager" duties and we are both looking forward to this next part of the adventure!

Sunday, May 1, 2011


My parents spent the long Easter weekend with us and, in usual Cartusciello fashion, we did lots and lots of eating!  We tested out some new restaurants, visited some of our faves, and cooked a few yummy meals at home, too!  Having already seen all the "sights" Cincy has to offer, we spent a lot of our time just relaxing (i.e., girls getting mani/pedis and boys playing Playstation!).  Relaxing comes in all different forms, I guess. 
 Lunch at Coffee Emporium
 Afternoon "snack"
 Dad with his seafood hot pot at Asiana
 Brunch at Anabel's
 Brunch at Anabel's
 Our beautification project -- the back porch
 The finished product!
 Easter Sunday at Hyde Park Methodist
  Easter Sunday at Hyde Park Methodist
 Dad overseeing Easter lunch preparations

 Me and Dad
Easter lunch -- rack of lamb, grilled asparagus, and panzanella
Cole Team in front of our house (Mom's trademark photo!)


A few weeks ago, Paula and Ankur came down from Chicago to spend a weekend in Cincy with us.  They actually had been here one time before, having spent the first night in our apartment with us back in July on their way to Yellowstone.  This time, however, we did not force them to sleep on an air mattress or sit on the floor!  The weather wasn't great (welcome to Spring in the Midwest) but it was warmer than Chicago so we did our fair share of bragging and hanging out outside.  After discovering my new favorite brunch place on Saturday (Anabel's in Mount Lookout) we walked over to Dutch's and spent the afternoon catching up over bocce ball and craft beer!  Paula moved here from Cologne, Germany about a year ago and she was thrilled to find that they had Kolsch, on-tap no less!  We walked over to dinner and finally made our way home in the rain, full and slightly damp, finishing the day with a showing of Black Swan.  Paula and I did a decent amount of hiding our eyes but, overall, I think I was expecting a much creepier movie.  Regardless of the dancing scandal, that Natalie Portman does crazy better than anyone I've seen.  
 Overwhelmed by the selection
 Bocce ball champions
 Dinner at Cumin
 Cole Team -- in desperate need of a tan!
Sunday morning at Findlay Market 
We love, love, love having visitors and had such a good time showing them our little town.  Can't wait for our next trip to Chicago, Udanis!