Sunday, March 27, 2011


Happy Birthday, Dave Cole!
His actual day was a cold, rainy Wednesday in Ohio but we brightened it up with an authentic TexMex lunch and a steak dinner at the bar at Boca.  (As an aside, I love, love, love eating at the bar at fancy restaurants.  White tablecloths are not my friend.)  

Dave's birthday gift of choice this year was side tables.  Side tables, you say?  Yes, side tables.  We had purchased a fabulous bed with fabulous storage months ago and our existing side tables were making it unusable. 
So, there you have it.  A little food, a little furniture, and this boy is one year older.   Luckily, he keeps improving with age!

Sunday, March 6, 2011


We made a quick trip to Chicago last weekend to celebrate Ankur's 30th birthday!  His wife, Paula, pulled together an Italian feast and managed to fly in people from NYC, San Fran, and Cincy with Ankur being none the wiser.  We were only in town 24 hours but managed to hit up our favorite pizza place and discover a fantastic brunch place in Bucktown.  We also planned no less than three future vacations (Dominican Republic, Oregon wine country, and Marfa) as good excuses to get together while we are all split up.  
Handmade pasta goodness
On balloon duty
The decorators
Happy Birthday Ankur!
30 candles
The birthday boy and his sweet wife


We are so lucky to have such sweet, sweet friends who are willing to travel to see us no matter the location! I never really questioned the Burks intentions when they came to visit us in Chicago but, traveling to Cincy in the dead of winter secured a special place in my heart.  To be fair, we wooed them with the promise of a Jimmy Eat World concert and the opportunity to sleep in!
 Eating at Nada before the concert
 Appreciative of the door guy for carding us
 Oh Jimmy!  This is at least our fourth (maybe fifth??) time to see Jimmy with the Burks and this concert did not disappoint.  They played at an old theater and we scored great "standing spots" on the balcony.  I love that the age of the crowd seems to stay the same while we grow older (along with the band).  I'm pretty sure they are no longer taking shots before the show but sipping on Pellegrino and talking to their wives and kids!
Friday was a gorgeous day so I took the day off and we headed over to Kentucky to enjoy the sunshine German-style.
At the Maypole
 DC insisted we play at least four games of Frisbee and Tasha was a willing participant.
 Porch-sitting.  You can see our manicures in this pic.  Tash and I snuck away on Friday to treat ourselves to mani/pedis and were asked no less than 4 times if we were brides-to-be!  
Wine tasting at Findlay Market
Posing at Findlay Market
Entertaining ourselves while the Burks bought gifts for the girls

We thoroughly enjoyed every minute of this weekend!  For me, there is nothing more refreshing than spending time with those people who know all of you and choose to love you just the same.  Can't wait for Jimmy Eat World Tour 2012!