Sunday, October 24, 2010


What in the world have we been doing with ourselves?  We have lived in Cincy a full six weeks and it still feels a bit like we are "on assignment".  Since March, we haven't been in one city/country for more than 12 weeks so it may take a while to feel settled!  That said, life is good so far.  Work is challenging (the kind of challenging that makes my brain hurt by 5:30) and we love our house and neighborhood.

The bocce ball court at a walk-to wine bar / beer store
Waffle Sunday at Coffee Emporium after church

As a new grad, I am on the P&G Chicago Booth recruiting team so I got to head up to Chicago recently and recruit for interns.  It was great to be back, fun to hang out with friends who still live there, and refreshing to talk to people who want to do what I'm doing.  Little do they know that I am still trying to figure out much of what I am doing!
The winter garden
View from the recruiters lounge.  Forbidden territory as a student.  Not that exciting as a recruiter.

Finally, we just spent a weekend with David's parents showing them the town.  The weekend started out with a bang as we celebrated the Rangers win and plotted how in the world we were going to get ourselves to the World Series.  This trip was nowhere near the whirlwind that their first trip to Chi was but we loved spending time with them and did a lot of good eating, a bit of shopping, and lots of catching up!
Bye, Bye Yanks.  It's Texas' turn!
Cole family on the Purple People Bridge
A little BBQ at Montgomery Inn.  Bib optional.
Ready for the Duck tour of the Ohio River.  A Cole family tradition.
The Great American Ballpark from the river.
Loving our duck quackers!

Welcome to Ohio!

Sunday, October 10, 2010


In honor of October 10, 2010 I want to post my current top ten faves.  I only wish I could have posted this at 10:10 am!
 1. My most recent Rotofugi purchases from Chicago.  I may be on sabbatical until we can find a suitable home for my ever-expanding collection.
2. Not just the October issue.  Every issue.  I swear, every time I am in need of inspiration one of these pops into my mailbox and all is right with the world.
3. Vintage fabric-covered push pins from Carrie Girl.  Love, love, love these both at home and at the office.
4. My Bears.  While I completely disagree with Briles' decision to play Gordon this weekend, I am still loving the fact that we get to watch them compete (and compete well) every weekend.
 5. Pumpkin candle.  Pumpkin anything really but this is the latest item to join the household.
6. Did I mention pumpkins?  I love these guys!
7. Cardigans.  I love that I can wear them with anything.  I don't love that DC hates them with a passion but my love of being cozy makes up for it.
8. Mmmmm.  White Ale from Dutch's -- the walk-up beer stand down the street.  Not only is the beer tasty but the owl graphic on the label and the top make me wish I had designed it.  
9. Lou Holtz.  I heard him speak recently and am in the middle of his book.  His advice extends far beyond football.  He would not have played Gordon.  For any reason.
10.  Tazo chai tea.  I start my day with a giant cup, refill at 10 and 2, and go to bed anticipating my next cup.  

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


The week before b-school I spent 8 days in Chile with 10 or so strangers on a "random walk".  I remember calling my sis from the airport and telling her I just wanted to jump back on the train and stay home.  Well, thank God, I went because I ended up meeting some of my (and Dave's) closest friends!  This past weekend we flew back to Chicago to celebrate the last of four weddings of the people I met on the trip.  We have all ended up in different cities but I know we will continue to meet up in fun places.  The wedding was beautiful, the weather was iffy, and the bride and groom were giddy.  Congrats Walsters!
The ushers
 Us at The Ivy Room in Downtown Chicago
 Cocktail Hour
 The bride!  
 The owners of our weekend home
The old married couple
 Celebrating the Walsters!
The Reyes
The Wallens -- married last weekend
 The Walsters
 Random Walk Chile and our better halves
The new Rotofugi store

Sunday, October 3, 2010


We cheered on the Reds the other night thanks to another P&G New Hires night out.  The baseball stadium was a little light on fans as they had just clinched the playoffs the night before against the Astros but we still enjoyed our hot dogs and the fall weather!
Brian and Jess


Seven years, baby.  We look young in these photos.  And happy.  Really happy.  Good to know not too much has changed.