Sunday, July 18, 2010


DC is currently driving to Cincy and while I miss him already I am incredibly excited about the fact that, upon his return, we will no longer have patriotic walls in our new apartment.  He will be "camping out" in the new place for the next night or two so that all is ready for the furniture to arrive next week.  I'm pretty lucky.  I got to pick the colors (standard gray and white, of course) and do none of the work.  

In other apartment news, I think we finally found and agreed upon the first dining room table either of us will have ever owned.  The shot below also includes DC's favorite chairs but I am still looking at other options.  We'll see.  He sure is building up a lot of points with all this painting!


In preparation for the move, we decided to spend Saturday cleaning out all our closets and drawers in order to transport less "stuff".  Let me clarify; I decided to clean out the aforementioned items.  DC decided to not only clean them but also create an outfit out of all the fun memorabilia that he found in his junk drawer.  Safety glasses, St. Patty's day beads, some kind of weapon, orange cuffs, and a mini baseball bat.  By the end of the day he had added a fishing hat and was bouncing a little red ball around the house.  For some reason, this shot reminds me of Seth Green's character in "Can't Hardly Wait".  
Luckily, our friends Paula and Ankur decided to celebrate their wedding in the evening so we were forced to put on real outfits and mingle with people who were not up to date on Jennifer Love Hewitt's film career.  

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


DC put me on a dunny-buying sabbatical so I am currently stuck on 28.  These are my current two favs.

Monday, July 12, 2010


We took off for San Francisco this past weekend to celebrate the wedding of two of our friends from b-school.  It was an early morning flight and, as I am only comfortable getting to the airport at least one hour early (post-security), we had plenty o' time for a breakfast of champions.
Our friends Scott and Marisa just (literally, just!) moved to SF and sweetly lets us crash at their place for the weekend.  They rented an adorable walk-up in the Mission and, while they are still waiting on all their worldly possessions to arrive, it is going to be a fantastic abode.  Unfortunately, Marisa was in New Orleans celebrating her bachelorette but thankfully Scott makes for a good host and we loved every minute of exploring their new world.
The wedding was held at one of the most beautiful churches I've ever seen - Saints Peter and Paul in Washington Square - and the same church where Marilyn Monroe married Joe DiMaggio!  It was so fun to see their families and how happy everyone was for the couple.  Jeng has been courting Eileen since she was 13 and so all their friends know each other which makes for a fun ceremony and reception.  
Me with the happy couple.
The couple with the happy couple!
Why I felt the need to the sorority squat, I don't know.  Eileen and I have never matched up -- she's tiny even in four-inch heels!
Apparently taco trucks are a big deal in Cali and at 11 pm they had one show up to the reception.  It was such a good snack and so-fitting of this foodie pair!
DC entertaining us all with the photo booth accessories.

As the wedding was on Friday, we spent the rest of the weekend eating and shopping for vintage furniture.  
These are Dave's favorite - Kofod Larsen chairs with original upholstery in Baylor Bear colors!
Altschuler recommended a deep dish pizza place in Berkeley that did not disappoint this pizza-loving crew.  Overall we had a fantastic (albeit quick) trip that gave us a much-needed break from all the homework-doing, job-hunting, and move-prepping that has been going on lately.  These next two weeks will be crazy but then it is time for Texas!  

Monday, July 5, 2010


My favorite Fourth of July memories have always involved friends, family, food and fireworks.  Without the first two in town, DC and I opted for a day of biking down the lakefront (20 miles -- who knew?), relaxing at the harbor, and eating Mexican food on the patio.  
Without looming midterms as a part of my life next year, we will definitely plan to include the aforementioned four in our Fourth Festivities!


Marisa and Scott's last night in Chicago.  Appropriately celebrated at Bricks with the perfect combination of pizzas and people.  

Thursday, July 1, 2010


We found a place to live!  This has been driving me nuts over the past six weeks so it feels soooo good to write that sentence.  David made two back-to-back trips to Cincy this week; one to scout out the market and one to show me the house that he thought could be the winner.  It feels just like every place we have ever lived together - 90 years old, wood floors, arched doorways, and I just realized last night that our "redone" kitchen looks exactly like the Draper's kitchen in Mad Men.  We are so hip.
So now, instead of writing my 25-page term paper, evaluating the effects of the recent Health Care Reform Bill, or applying social psychology to my current business practice, I'm spending lots of time shopping for dining room furniture, daydreaming about paint colors, and pulling samples for David to veto.  I'm dying to try all of the above in our dining room but thus far have only been approved to "go see" the chair on the left.  Baby steps, people.