Monday, December 19, 2011


Not being in Texas for Thanksgiving was a first for us!  I always hear people say how great it is to start your own family traditions and have a relaxing holiday without the stress of a million different family schedules and events.  While David and I certainly have our fair share of holiday chaos, we have never really understood what these people were talking about.  I love the traditions my family already has!  So, while we did have a restful and enjoyable weekend with each other, we are so very thankful to have family and friends that we missed like crazy!  I tried to document our day of thanks to keep myself in a positive mindset and distract myself from jumping in the car and driving home!
 I woke up early to start the marinade for the lamb
 Sage + garlic + salt
Thanksgiving migas.  Prepared while blasting Texas Country.
 DC decided to make an apple pie from scratch.  We had a lot of hours to kill, obviously.
 Pie crust ingredients + sustenance for the chef
The pie crust process got a little frustrating but, I have to say, that boy turned out the most delicious apple pie I have ever had.  
 My job - apple peeler
 The finished product

 Cole family turkey trot
I typically love this hill.  It's a great workout but has become less enjoyable the more of me there is.  That said, I'm looking forward to pushing a stroller up it as soon as it is warm enough.
We enjoyed our lamb, risotto, and asparagus in front of the Cowboys game.  Not our typical Thanksgiving set up but necessary due to the silliness of Eastern Standard Time.  

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