Monday, December 19, 2011


The Coles came to visit in late October and were a HUGE help in getting us set up for this baby!  They helped us convert the guest room to a nursery and set up the new guest room in the office.  Probably not on the list of "most fun" vacations in 2011 but definitely in the running for "most productive" and we couldn't have appreciated it more!       
No trip to Cincinnati is complete without a meal at Anabel's.  
 My mother-in-law may regret having ever told me she could sew!  This was the final step in a long journey to create curtains for the baby room and the guest room.  
 Handy Cole boys
 Unfortunately, the crib building started a bit early as we could no longer take the pain of watching the Rangers lose the World Series to that team from St Louis.  
 We did take a break from all things baby to venture out to the Amish country.  I wish I had gotten some pics of all the horse and buggies that we saw.  It was amazing to see that slice of life and felt like we were hours away from the city.  
  Covered bridge
A quick pic of us in the nursery before they left.  Hard to imagine that the crib won't be empty the next time they come back!

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